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A cluttered, untidy, and unsanitary workplace can increase your employee’s stress and anxiety levels. Lack of proper cleaning can also lead to damaged tools and equipment, accidents on-site, and illness among your staff. Day/Nite Cleaning Service Inc., can help alleviate these problems by providing clean working environments.

The Cost of Dirty Workplaces

The typical office desk has about 10 million bacteria. Studies also show that some people don’t consistently wash their hands, which may contribute to the spread of bacteria in the workplace. 

Office Cleaning Services Arvada CO
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In the Wake of Covid-19

After a global pandemic, it’s more important than ever for business owners to provide sanitized workplaces for employees. The rollout of vaccines has lifted restrictions, but that doesn’t mean you can afford to let yourself down. That’s where we come in. Contact us if you’re browsing for office cleaning companies in Arvada, CO. We can help you promote wellness in your office.

Let Our Team Help You

Offices are shared workplaces, so it’s vital that your company finds ways to ensure clean workplaces for employees. Contact us for office cleaning services in Arvada, CO, and we’ll send a crew of cleaning experts. With our help, you can provide your teams with the best workplace environment. Our cleaning crew’s expertise ensures that your employees can enjoy sanitary and healthy workspaces. We have cleaning tools, solutions, and equipment that allow us to deliver fast, reliable, and efficient office sanitizing services.

Our Office Cleaning Services

As a first-rate office cleaning agency headquartered in Arvada, CO, you can trust us to be thorough with our jobs. Our crew understands the importance of ensuring that all possible surfaces are sanitized to prevent employees from getting sick, from window sills to carpet cleaning. That’s why we sanitize door knobs, telephones, light switches, and more. We also clean office restrooms.

Customized Cleaning Solutions

If you are looking for office cleaning services near me in the Denver Metro Area, talk to us. Ask us for a quote. If you have a specific cleaning list that you want our crew to follow, mention that, too. We can tailor a cleaning solution ideal for your office space, budget, and needs. Our staff can also come in during the day or after work hours. Talk to us about what arrangements are ideal for you.

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General Office Cleaning
General Office Cleaning
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Telephone Sanitization
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Door knob Sanitization
Push Plate Sanitization
Push Plate Sanitization
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Light Switch Sanitization
Restroom Cleaning
Restroom cleaning
You can schedule our cleaning services daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
Rely on us to also provide emergency services.

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